Monday, August 4, 2008

New Writing Prompt

Here is today's writing prompt found from .

In 200 words, describe a hot day.

Hot days come in various flavors. Flavors, you may ask? Well it is the only word that came to mind just then. Maybe it is because hot days tend to make things melt. Especially good things like chocolate, ice cream, butter, and other things of flavor. And what melts and how fast depends on just how hot of a day it is, whether there is air conditioning or whether the melting item is in the full sun or slightly cooler shade.
Thinking of air conditioning and that I don't have it where I live always makes me think of my mom when I was a child and we lived in a mobile home then as I do now. Why doesn't the heat seem to bother children? I just remember my mom stripping down to her slip when she came home from work and doing her daily activities only partially dressed because it was just too hot to do otherwise. She always had all the windows opened and a fan sitting at the front door to suck in fresh air.
What do I do on those terribly hot days when it is unbearable inside without air conditioning in this tin can I live in? Not what my mom did. I am too bashful for that. But I get my shirts wet with cool water and let the fans blow the fresh air on me. That cools me off for the most part. However, sometimes that just isn't enough. Hot here begins at around 80 degrees if the sun is shining brightly and progresses to anything higher than that. Sometimes using ice packs I keep in the freezer for this purpose are the only things that help. Those and a cool shower or bath. I save those for when the sun is about ready to go down and I can stay cool for the rest of the evening until the next day when the sun gets high in the sky again.
This also makes me wonder how our ancestors ever managed in this heat. Too bad I can't ask them for tips.