Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Outpost...Previous Blog

I was just reviewing this blog and saw the post about being picked up in the military truck and can't believe I still remember this.  It was actually from a dream I had and when I woke up I thought there was for sure a story in it somewhere.  I just don't think I am the one to write the story.  I do know that when the truck stopped at this outpost, it was out in some isolated desert-type area with a huge structure made of canvas and poles.  Inside the main entrance was the main room that served as both a meeting hall and cafeteria.  Beyond that were two main hallways with canvased rooms lining each side.  Inside the rooms were bunks for us to sleep.  We could choose which room and bunk we wanted as long as someone else didn't already have it.  There were probably at least 100 such rooms and bathrooms were spaced between every ten or so rooms.  We were all dressed in civilian clothing.  No one there seemed to know why we were there or what would happen now that we were there. Once we were inside this outpost we were not allowed to go back outside.  All we could see outside while exiting the truck was sand and dunes.  There were no signs of life of any kind except for those of us leaving the trucks and entering this outpost.

How would you write this story?

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