Monday, August 27, 2012

If I Were To Write You Now...

If I were to write to you now,
But no it's better I not.
For you to be told of those ones in my home,
Who are keeping me company now.

They come late at night when it's bedtime.
A time when most normal folk shouldn't.
But they come to make sure I get all tucked in.
And even scold some when I don't.

They are patient and quiet and calm, you see.
Just gentle reminders that it's time after all.
These caretakers without any names that I know
Stay with me and take care of it all.

Tonight they make writing such a fun thing to do
As they dance between me and the screen.
But you'll never see them no matter you try
They just come to take care of me.

Tonight I wax poetic
Over the folks that come with my pills.
It's sleepy the little one and painful the brothers.
Three little friends taking care of my ills.

Of course I see them! How rude would I be
To have guests in my place taking such good care of me,
If after all their coaxing and floating to dance me to sleep,
If I did not acknowledge that I'd nodded their way.

So now as I close this last bit of writing,
I wrote this to send to a friend.
She gets such a kick out of the wonders I see
When it's time to put Cindy to bed.


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