Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Writing Prompts for All Ages

Since it has been so long since I've written anything on this blog, it's time now for some new writing prompts.  Obviously, I need the help myself, so here we go.

Teachers Corner Daily Writing Prompts 

Writing Prompts 101 
 What are writing prompts and some good examples

Creative Writing Prompts 
I think I have used this one before, but it's always good to repeat the good links. 

Writer's Digest Writing Prompts
Writing prompts from the best writer's magazine around.

Writing Prompts from Tumblr
Here are some very creative ideas to prompt your writing.

Writing Prompts for Elementary Kids
Some excellent ideas to keep kids writing, and maybe for adults writing for children as well.

Writing Prompts for Children of All Ages
Maybe even for the child at heart.

25 Creative Writing Prompts
Writing prompts for all ages.

Journal-writing Prompts
These were geared toward school children but many could be used for adults as well.

44 Short Story Ideas
Mix and match various story ideas listed here to challenge your writing.

Use These Photos to Start Writing
Years ago I had two paperback books titled Pictures for Writing which were full of photographs for coming up with story ideas.  Check out these photos for ideas.

More Creative Writing Prompts for Journal-writing

There you have it for this time.  This should keep us all busy for awhile. 

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