Sunday, July 13, 2008

Creativity On Break

If you have spent any time recently on my other blogs you may have read about the death of my son-in-law a little over a month fact, the day after my last post. I have found it very difficult to come back to blogging, and especially to being creative. In fact, tonight as I was looking at some other blogs, and decided to check this one out, I remembered the first post here about the empty glass. Of course, that was off the top of my head...and was about a young boy and his mother. But how freaky is that? Just a few days later, just over a week, my son-in-law dies. After spending most of three weeks with my daughter and grandson so she wouldn't have to be alone during that difficult time, I can't help thinking, what kinds of things is she coming across that is bringing up those kinds of thoughts and memories? On the surface she is showing her strong side. Yesterday, just a comment from a child, another of my grandchildren, brought out the pain all over again.
Creativity is going to be on break for a little while longer, I think...

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